Birthdays & Group Events

Group/party reservations are based off hourly reservations

Birthday celebrations for children are ideal for all ages, call us to reserve the space and tables!

Group Events include school outings, daycares, reward trips, and more. Make your reservation today by calling us now!

Fresno: (559) 432-0123 | Merced: (209) 383-1880

How to book Parties & Group Events

Contact the OH WOW! Nickel Arcade is nearest you and our staff will help you with your birthday party or group event scheduling.

Oh Wow Arcade parties

Birthday Parties!

We reserve the space and put up tables.  Show up, decorate and enjoy! Remember we have some free arcade games.


Group Events

Group Events include school outings, daycares, reward trips, and more.  Fun for the whole gang – no group is too large – Contact us today!

Some of the awesome cakes and parties we’ve seen pass through our nickel arcade!

Our Gamers, our games and our prizes, a quick tour for you.

Check it Out! Video Tour of our a group event @ Merced Arcade

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Our arcade is filled with the newest and hottest video games, ticket and prize dispensing machines, pinballs, air hockey, and a large selection of classic/retro games; all of your favorite vintage games from the past. Come to OH WOW! Nickel Arcade to experience a wonderful trip back to the 1980s and 1990s! Play new games with your kids, or boost your friendships with fun rivalry.


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